Ashley Whillans – CV

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Publications (* = advisee, ** = equal author)

  • Whillans, A.V., *Christie, C., *Cheung, S., Jordan, A.H., & Chen, F.S. (in press). From misperception to social connection: Correlates and consequences of overestimating others’ social connectedness. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 
  • Whillans, A.V., Dunn, E.W., Smeets, P., Bekkers, R. Norton, M.I. (in press). Buying time promotes happiness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
  • Whillans, A.V., *Hope, S., *Wylie, L., *Zhao, B., Souza, M.J. (in press). A cohort-based intervention improves student belonging and academic success at research focused universities. Teaching of Psychology.
  • Whillans, A.V. & Chen, F.S. (2017). Facebook undermines the social belonging of first-year students. Personality and Individual Differences.     
  • Whillans, A.V., Seider, S.C., *Dwyer, R., *Chen, L., Novick, S., *Graminga, K.J., *Mitchell, B.A., Savalei, V., Dickerson, S.S., & Dunn, E.W. (2017). Does volunteering casually improve well-being? Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology.
  • Whillans, A.V., Caruso, E.M., Dunn, E.W. (2017). Both selfishness and generosity start with the self: How wealth shapes responses to charitable appeals. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 
  • Whillans, A.V., *Wispinski, N., & Dunn, E.W. (2016). Seeing wealth as a responsibility enhances perceptions of taxation. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 
  • Whillans, A.V., Weidman, A.C., & Dunn, E.W. (2016). Valuing time over money is associated with greater happiness. Social Psychological & Personality Science. 
  • Whillans, A.V., Dunn, E.W., Sandstrom, G., Dickerson, S.S., & Madden, K.M. (2016). Is spending money on others good for your heart? Health Psychology. 
  • Human, L.J., Whillans, A.V., Hoppman, C., Klumb, P., Dickerson, S.S., & Dunn, E.W. (2015). Finding the middle ground: Curvilinear associations between positive affect variability and daily cortisol profiles. Emotion.
  • Whillans, A.V., & Dunn, E.W. (2015). Thinking about time as money decreases environmental behavior. Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes.
  • Aknin, L. B., Dunn, E.W., Whillans, A.V., Grant, A. M., & Norton, M. I. (2013). Making a difference matters: Impact unlocks the emotional benefits of charitable giving. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Manuscripts Under Review/Selected Working Papers:

  • Smeets, P., Whillans, A.V., Bekkers, R. & Norton, M.I. (Submitted). Control over time predicts inequality in life satisfaction between millionaires and the general population.
  • Whillans, A.V., Goswami, I. & Dunn, E.W. (Invited Revision). Agentic appeals catalyze giving among the affluent. Behavioral Science & Policy Association.
  • Whillans, A.V., Dunn, E.W., & Norton, M.I. (Submitted). Overcoming barriers to time-saving: Reminders of future busyness encourage consumers to buy time.
  • Whillans, A.V. & Dunn, E.W. Valuing time over money promotes social connection.
  • Whillans, A.V., Dunn, E.W. & Norton, M.I. A conceptual framework to understand when, why, and for whom exchanging money for time promotes happiness.
  • Whillans, A.V. & Dunn, E.W. Guilt undermines consumer willingness to buy time.

Policy/Practitioner Relevant Papers:

  • Contributed to white paper on “The 6 Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture To Focus On Today” in collaboration with OC Tanner.
  • Co-author of a white paper  “A New Model for Leaders and Practitioners on Employee Engagement” in collaboration with The Maritz Institute.
  • Whillans, A.V. (2016). A brief introduction to the science of fundraising. White paper, Council for Advancement and Support of Education.
  • Boese, G.T., MacDonald, B.M., & Whillans, A.V. (2015). From giving to giving well: Encouraging impactful donation decisions. Society for the Psychological Study of Social IssuesConference Proceedings.
  • Whillans, A.V. & Chen, F.S. Jordan, A.H. (2014). Misperception to connection: How social misperceptions influence the friendship formation and well-being of first-year UBC students. Technical Report for the UBC VP-Office of Students.

Selected Non-Referred Publications: 

  • Whillans, A.V. & Dunn, E.W. (2017). Want to be happier? Buy yourself more free time. The LA Times. 
  • Whillans, A.V., Dunn, E.W., Caruso, E.M. (2017). How to get the wealthy to donate. The New York Times.
  • Whillans, A.V. (2016). Does being wealthy make you more charitable? The Conversation. 
  • **Dunn, E.W. & **Whillans, A.V. (2015). Give, if you know what’s good for you. The New York Times.
  • Whillans, A.V. (2015). Spending money on others is good for your heart. The Conversation. Viewed 250,000 times. Selected republications include The Washington Post and The World Economic Forum. 
  • Whillans, A.V. (2014). Counting seconds & cents: The psychological consequences of time and money. Character & Context, Society for Personality & Social Psychology.

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