I am passionate about putting science to work to solve real world problems. I have experience consulting and conducting research with companies, non-profits, as well as provincial and federal governments. My consulting rates are negotiable and I sometimes consult pro-bono for non-profits. If you are interested in finding out more about my consulting work and relevant areas of expertise, please contact me.

Current consulting projects:

I am a Behavioural Scientist for the Province of British Columbia, where I am helping local government incorporate behavioural science into their day-to-day decision making.

I am a Visiting Consultant for several behavioural science-based consulting firms, including PWC TorontoThe Greatest Good and SNP Strategies, where my work focuses on encouraging corporate philanthropy.


I am on the Advisory Board of Peter Singer’s charity The Life You Can Save, where my research focuses on exploring factors that encourage donations to effective charities.

Past consulting projects:

I served as a Subject Expert on two projects with the White House Social & Behavioural Sciences Team, where my work focused on improving employee well-being.

I was a Research Fellow at The Behavioural Insights Group, North America, where I was involved on a project aimed at implementing city-wide commuting innovations.

Non-profit and company collaborators (select):

CHIMP – Charitable Giving Marketplace.

Green Streets Initiative – NGO that promotes active commuting.


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